PorcelainPlus Speedbit

Product Overview

The PorcelainPlus Speedbit® is a tungsten carbide-tipped, spear point glass/tile drill bit that was specifically designed for drilling quickly and efficiently through porcelain, glass, and other hard surfaces for a variety of applications.  Its speed and durability distinguish itself from other standard carbide bits. With a specially formulated mix of metals and superior designed carbide tip, the PorcelainPlus Speedbit® makes installations quicker and easier, therefore, more profitable.


*Based on PEI Class 5 porcelain tile with ¼” PorcelainPlus Speedbit®

Recommended for Use On

*PorcelainPlus Speedbit Recommended


*PorcelainPlus Speedbit Recommended

Product Info

OVERALL LENGTH2 3/8″2 5/8″6″2 3/4″6″3″3 1/8″3 1/2″

Available individually or in a 4-piece Variety Pack (1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4″ & 5/16”) CODE: PPSBVAR18516.
3/16” x 4” is available upon request.

Instructions (for maximum durability):

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