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About Us

After retiring from the FDNY in 2002, Todd O’Brien started a home improvement company with a fellow retired FDNY brother. As they developed their business and began doing more bathroom projects, they always had the obstacle of working with subpar porcelain tile drill bits. He eventually worked with some industry experts to develop a specialized bit with the right mix of metals and a superior spade tip design that would get more than a few holes while saving time drilling into porcelain tiles for frameless shower door and bathroom accessories installations.

After years of testing and tweaking, he finalized the right product and the Porcelain Speedbit was born. The name was created because the bit was designed for porcelain tile in addition to other hard tiles, granite, marble, glass, and mirrors and because of the speed it was going through these substrates.

From there, he established Scodd Industries to introduce this superior drill bit to the rest of the world. He said, “Once someone tries this bit, they will never go back to using any other bit.” Because spade style bits did not have a great performance record, he felt the best way for techs to believe in the Speedbit, was to offer a money-back guarantee Trial Pack. He thought after trying them, techs would see for themselves the benefits of quicker, easier installs, which translates to increased efficiency and profit.

After the success of the Speedbit, Scodd Industries launched the Porcelain Cyclone. A similar performing glass/tile drill bit, but in a masonry style. We ship throughout North America and most orders ship within 24 hours.

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Superior materials and unique tip designs allow for quicker drilling and more holes.


Less time drilling & more holes per bit translates into more profitability.

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Most orders are shipped within 24 hours.

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